Some links for serious fans of arched female necks, just in case you haven't visited them yet:

Lidnojn's Yahoo! Group - with approx. 5000 caps of neck stretch scenes from movies & DVDs!

An active Japanese female neck appreciation website (in Japanese)

A brand new Japanese female neck fetish website - with exclusive photos!

Have you checked out the photos taken by Pauline Thomas on Flickr yet?

For those who would like to purchase some related commercial video clips..

Exclusive neck fetish photos of some southeast Asian women.

Marina Pia - For people who get turned on by erotic strangling.

And don't forget that there are a lot of female neck videos on Youtube. It takes a bit of patience and luck to find all of them!

If you have found some more useful links, please contact us about it and we will update this page accordingly. Cheers!